Top 6 Benefits of having a Massage Recliner Chair in your Home

We’ve come home from a long day at work with a sore back, feet, shoulders, neck – the list goes on. We all wish that we could go out and get regular massages, but these cost a lot of money and eat up our valuable time at home.

So, what is the solution? A massage recliner chair! Now before you close this page or roll your eyes, take a moment to read these incredible benefits of having a massage recliner chair in your home!

1, Recover from the workday

By the time we walk in the door after a long day at work, we feel stiff and sore. Stretching will help this, but who has the energy?

A massage recliner chair offers similar recovery benefits to stretching, without the effort of getting changed, finding the yoga mat you bought 4 years ago and moving about for 20 minutes.

Imagine instead sitting down in a luxurious recliner chair and watching your favourite TV show as your massage chair relives your aching body. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

2, Less Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety are on the rise amongst workers today, and these are both things that reek havoc on your body. Studies show, however, that treatments like massage can counter the symptoms of both physical and mental stress.

After just 15 minutes of massage, things like blood pressure and hormone cortisol all lower. Imagine getting all these benefits from the comfort of your home?

3, Improves Circulation

The motion of the working parts of a massage recliner chair is designed to stimulate blood flow and improve your circulation.

Increased blood flow helps to reduce pain, boost injury recovery, and remove toxins from your body. By having a massage recliner chair in your home, you build some time in the chair into your daily routine and receive the benefits for an extended period of time!

4, Boost your Immune System

Your body uses lymphocytes (white blood cells) to fight against and protect the body from illness and disease. They are especially effective against illnesses like colds and flu.

Just 30 minutes in a massage recliner chair is enough to increase the lymphocytes in your body, which is enough to help you recover from these ailments quicker!

5, Better Sleep

Stress and anxiety are two of the biggest killers of your sleep. Massage recliner chairs help reduce the effects of both stress and anxiety, which can help you to sleep better!

The better your sleep, the better you’ll feel throughout the day!

6, Convenience

Perhaps one of the best benefits is convenience! Instead of trying to book a masseuse, you can simply come home, put your feet up, and unwind!