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There are no guarantees in life and everyone is different but in a high number of cases we find that people living with bad back pain will often get relief from massage.

Again we make no guarantees but I’ve got to say it works for many hundreds of people that have brought our chairs and it also works wonders for me! I’m lucky enough to have a chair in my office and when the pressure is on and I’m feeling stressed I jump in my massage chair for 10 minutes and things feel completely different when I get out and I’m ready to get back to work.

One word amazing and the large gym chains know this too, as we have had enquiries from several of the biggest to supply them with massage chairs for their gyms. If you’re in to fitness you know that massage is great post workout and what better than to have access to a massage after every workout?

Most of our massage chairs are in stock although colours in stock may vary, some massage chairs are made to order to delivery times may vary but are approximately 3 to 6 weeks.

Shiatsu massage therapy is a combination of many different physical massage and therapy techniques from simple stroking and stretching therapy to strong massage pressure. It was developed to mimic the different kinds of conventional massage, tapping, kneading, stroking and stretching, you can simply select a set programme to encompass all these techniques of go for your favourite.

Of course! The exception are pregnant women and people who have recently undergone surgery. In very rare cases, the use of massage chairs is prohibited by a doctor, considering massage as a contraindication in the case of a specific disorder or therapy.

You don’t. A standard UK 13amp socket is all that is needed.

For hard floors, we recommend that all massage chairs are placed on a mat or rug to protect the floor. A soft surface also dampens the normal sounds that emanate from the base of a massage chair, and this will make your chair seem quieter.

This position was developed by NASA to evenly distribute weight and pressure throughout the body. Essentially, the effect of gravity is spread evenly so that no single point of the body feels gravity’s force. Astronauts launch into outer space in the Zero Gravity position! Laid back at nearly 180 degrees, knees lifted slightly above heart level.

Compression is especially helpful in the extremities, gently massaging to increase lymph and blood flow.

In our experience, only massage chairs that offer a Body Scan can deliver an accurate and effective massage. The roller component measures the body based on pressure, and can match the contours of the muscular structure accordingly. This way, no matter who is in the chair, their body type is mapped out in real-time for a customised experience.

Compression is especially helpful in the extremities, gently massaging to increase lymph and blood flow.

The long list of health benefits include, but are not limited to: relaxation and stress relief, improved exercise recovery, reduced back pain, restful sleep, boosted immune system functionality.

The way you clean your massage chair or recliner depends how it’s upholstered. Refer to your operational manual for full details. All upholstery types can be cleaned with a damp cloth. If you use soap, it cannot contain any alcohol or bleach. Before cleaning with any liquids, turn off and unplug your chair. Take care to avoid getting liquids on any of the electronic components or electrical cords.

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